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The Karate we Teach

We practise non-contact karate mixing both shotokan and goju-ryu styles. Our karate is a traditional Japanese martial art combining hand and foot techniques in both defensive and offensive moves. Our emphasis is on all elements of karate including punches and kicks, blocks, strikes, evasions, throws, joint manipulation, hip rotation, stances, posture and breathing practise. karate-training.jpg

We conduct an equal measure of basic training consisting of basics (kihon), sparring (kumite) and forms (kata). As an art of self-defence as well as sport, our comprehensive training system can be enjoyed by young children through to adults, from all walks of life.

We teach a full syllabus all year round to children from the age of 5 years old all the way through to late adulthood. Our system consists of basics (kihon), sparring (kumite), and forms (kata) as well as fitness and conditioning exercises plus optional street self-defence based on realistic scenarios.

For many of our students, their training goes beyond the dojo and positively impacts their daily lives including reducing stress, developing fitness and improving concentration - particularly in our younger students!

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