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New Karate Class in Mossley

 We are delighted to tell you that we have hauled Sensei Tony Concannon out of semi-retirement and back into our brand new karate class in Mossley which opens up on 25th May 2012. 



After a few moths out of teaching, making a few appearances in the odd classes here and there as well as popping up on the grading panel, Sensei Tony has decided to open up a class in his home area of Mossley where he can bring the benefits of karate to his local community.

For those of you that have trained in his classes before, you will know that his classes are NEVER EVER dull...his are classes where you work hard and play hard. With over 10 years experience in instructing and what probably feels like a lifetime of training (especially if you've ever trained with him!!) he is the perfect person to develop your karate, whether you are a white belt beginner or an advanced kyu grade or black belt. he has taken many students in this club and in others all the way from white belt to black belt. 

If you've never tried karate before and live in the area, this class would be the ideal opportunity for you to try it out and see what it is about. Karate can help with your fitness, stamina whilst teaching you practical martial arts skills that benefit everybody in today's society. learning karate also promotes respect, discipline and self confidence - especially in children.

We have a great venue in Mossley Community Centre - it is an excellent space in which to train and is quickly becoming the hub with lots of activities for the local community.


If you want to find out more about this class or any other classes we run, call us or contact us via our enquiry form.

So "WELCOME BACK" Sensei Tony, we've well missed ya!! And to show you just how much, here's a picture of sensei Tony giving Sensei Tracey a run for her money during her black belt grading many years ago - just look at how young we look! You should all know that he tagged himself on Facebook as "Bruce Lee" in this photo - a comedy anecdote when you consider the number of egos that often exist in martial arts!

Sensei Tony and Sensei Tracey Cobra Karate


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