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About Us

Cobra Karate Club teaches Shotokan Goju Ryu karate at a selection of classes in Rochdale, Stockport, Altrincham and surrounding areas. Our aim is to provide a high quality traditional karate program that promotes character development, physical fitness and a strong, healthy body and mind. [Find your nearest class...]

Many people have their own individual reasons for taking up karate with Cobra Karate such as for self defense, to improve fitness, to meet new people, to increase their self confidence and improve their mental awareness.

Cobra Karate Club offers excellent development for all these reasons and more! We encourage students who want to train 'recreational' and students who prefer to make karate an integral part of their lives.

We are talented, motivated and dedicated individuals who genuinely care about the development and improvement of our students. Cobra Karate instructors have not just karate ability, but also the skills to positively interact with and influence students at all levels.
[Read more about our Instructors...]

Cobra Karate are members of the Cobra Martial Arts Association (CMAA). The CMAA are accredited by the CCPR - the national alliance of governing and representative bodies for sport and recreation. CMAA are also members of the Martial Arts Standards Agency (MASA) - a non-profit organisation whose objective is to encourage nationally recognised standards in all martial arts clubs and associations. As CMAA members, we make it our policy to ensure we meet the high standards set by these organisations and adhere to the guidelines of 'The MASA 5'

We confidently meet the credentials detailed at instructorcheck and would encourage anyone considering taking up any form for martial arts to ensure their chosen club can do the same



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